Emergency Generators

Backup Power Supply

Emergency generators and the ability to have an immediate back-up power supply are common in Wilmington and Coastal Carolina. We will help you determine the type of generator you need and the power output required during an emergency.
The two basic types of generators are portable generators and automatic standby generators.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is typically gasoline powered and can produce enough electricity to power circuits like well pumps, septic, lighting, and depending on the wattage refrigerators, microwaves, and stoves. These range from 6000 to 18,000 watts.
Portable generators are operated manually and are installed with a safety feature, called a lock-out device which not only protects the circuitry of your home but prevents the escape of electricity into the power grid, which could pose a danger to utility workers.

Standby Generators

Fueled by propane or natural gas a standby generator can range up to 45,000 watts in size. These units are permanently installed and automatically kick in during a power outage. Shut off is also automatic once power is restored so even if you are away from home you’ll have peace of mind.
Thanks to load management technology in use today it is possible to backup more circuits than a generator may be rated for simply because the load manager will not allow large loads to demand power at the same time. This makes the installation of standby generators more economical and feasible in these tough economic times.


In order to determine the size and type of generator needed for your home or business consider factors such as


  •  Appliances, pumps, and utilities that you want operational during an outage
  •  Medical equipment
  • Type of fuel
  • Neighborhood restrictions
  • Space limitations


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