How to Tell When it’s Time for an Outdoor Kitchen Electrical Repair

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An outdoor kitchen can be great for parties, cookouts, or just enjoying the nice weather with the family. That can quickly go downhill when different parts of your kitchen aren’t performing as expected. Your outdoor kitchen appliances might have been giving you some warning signs before then that you might not have noticed. Here are some signs that it might be time for an outdoor kitchen electrical repair.

Outdoor Kitchen Electrical Repair

  • Heating or cooking the food takes longer: If it’s taking longer to cook the food in your outdoor kitchen appliances, the heating element and the wiring connected to it may need some attention.
  • The outlets are discolored: This one is a good sign to look for both indoors and outdoors. If the outlets for your outdoor kitchen are a brownish color, there was likely an issue in the wiring that caused a tiny fire that left the outlet burnt or discolored. It’s safer to schedule an outdoor kitchen electrical repair before using these outlets again.
  • You get a shock from your light switches: It’s usually just a small zap of electricity that’s easily ignored as you flip the switch, but the shock means there’s a short circuit somewhere between the switch, wiring, and appliance. It’s better to get this fixed before it gets worse.
  • The lights are flickering: If the lighting in your outdoor kitchen is flickering, it could just mean that the lightbulbs are dying. If it happens specifically when you run a certain appliance or even after you change the lightbulb, you should consider an outdoor kitchen electrical repair because you have an issue in the wiring somewhere.

Here at Maguire Electrical, we’ll do a full assessment of the outdoor kitchen and connected electrical components by checking the connections, wiring, and appliances to find the source of the problem and fix it right away. You’ll be back to enjoying your backyard barbecues and parties in no time.