Pool Electrical Wiring, Wilmington, NC

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We work with property owners, pool installation companies, and commercial clients to provide high-quality pool electrical wiring.

Unless you’re swimming in a plastic kiddie pool in your yard, your swimming pool will need certain electrical components to function properly. The essential components include a filter, which prevents debris from entering the pool, a pump that keeps water moving and flowing through the pool, and lighting that allows you to swim even after the sun has gone down for the evening. At Maguire Electric, we specialize in pool electrical wiring and can give you the electrical components needed to allow you to make the most of your swimming pool.

Pool Electrical Wiring, Wilmington, NC

Our pool electrical wiring services are available to those in and around Wilmington, North Carolina, and all work is handled by skilled and experienced electricians. We work with property owners, pool installation companies, and commercial clients to provide high-quality pool electrical wiring. Since this type of wiring is used within water, it’s important to make sure that you turn the task over to a skilled and licensed electrical company. Even a small mistake in the wiring process could create a safety hazard on the property, particularly for those using the pool.

We can also provide pool electrical wiring services if you’re experiencing an issue with your existing system. Our technicians can diagnose problems and come up with solutions that will allow you to use and enjoy your pool again as soon as possible. The wiring used for pool electrical components doesn’t last forever, and it can incur damage due to its constant exposure to the elements. For all your pool wiring needs, contact our team of experts.


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