Pool Lighting Installation, Wilmington, NC

Our pool lighting installation services are provided by experienced electricians.

If you have a pool on your Wilmington, North Carolina property, you can probably attest to the many benefits that come with this particular amenity.  You can swim anytime you’re in the mood for a dip, and you can stay active by swimming laps or engaging in water aerobics. A pool is also a great spot to make memories with your family, but when the sun goes down, you may not be able to utilize the swimming pool as much as you want. After all, it’s tough to swim when it’s dark, unless your pool has the right lighting.

Pool Lighting Installation in Wilmington, North Carolina

At Maguire Electric, we specialize in pool lighting and can transform your swimming area. Our well-trained electricians can create a customized lighting design based on the layout and size of your pool. This design may include lighting inside the pool to light up the water from the bottom. Interested in an illuminated waterfall? We can create what you want for your pool, helping to turn this area of your property into an oasis that you can use at all hours of the day and night.

Our pool lighting installation services are provided by experienced electricians. We always use high-quality materials and pay close attention to detail to ensure an excellent outcome. After all, it’s important to pay attention to the small details when installing electrical components near a body of water. We’ll make sure your pool is illuminated, safe, and visually appealing with professional pool lighting installation.

At Maguire Electric, we offer pool lighting installation services to those in Wilmington, Kings Grant, Myrtle Grove, Bayshore, and Carolina Beach, North Carolina.