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Solution-oriented, licensed, family-operated electrical contractors are your best choice for services at your home or business.

Electrical contractors are beneficial for everything from installations to repairs. At Maguire Electric, we offer electrical services for both residential and commercial customers in the Wilmington, North Carolina area as a full-service company you can trust to treat you right. Working with licensed, family-operated electrical contractors such as us is your wisest option when it comes to something as important as your electrical system.

Electrical Contractors in Wilmington, North Carolina

We are a solution-oriented company, so if you are struggling with needing power strips and extension cords, or if you’re constantly tripping circuit breakers, we can quickly diagnose the problem and offer you the best solution for your situation. Often, all that is needed is additional circuits to be installed. If you have an older home or commercial building, you might also need wiring and system upgrades so that you are up to code and have reliable and safe power.

As lifestyles evolve, power needs change. More people are working from home and entertaining outdoors, and as electrical contractors, we can do the installations needed to make these spaces efficient and enjoyable. We also install generators so that you can have peace of mind that the next power outage won’t leave you in the dark.

The many things that we can assist you with as exceptional electrical contractors can make a difference at your home or business. Whether you have a problem that needs to be fixed or a solution to be found, or if you already know exactly what you want done, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Maguire Electric, our electrical contractors proudly serve those in Wilmington, Kings Grant, Myrtle Grove, Bayshore, and Carolina Beach, North Carolina.