Backup Generator Hookups, Wilmington, NC

Backup generator hookups are used for portable generators during a power outage.

Backup Generator Hookups in Wilmington, North CarolinaThere are several ways in which you can use a generator. You might have one for powering tools in a workshop that doesn’t have electricity, for example, or take one along on a camping trip. The main reason why most people have a backup generator is to avoid being left in the dark during a power outage or suffer more problems in an extended outage. While you could just run your generator and plug a couple of things directly into it, the better solution is to join it to your electrical system and design it to operate critical items for you.

Backup generator hookups are needed in this type of situation so that safeguards are put into place. At Maguire Electric, we can get you fully set up so you have no worries about endangering the line crews that are trying to get your power back on. We can also advise you on the type of generator you need based on what you hope to be able to power during an outage. Typically, backup generator hookups are used for portable-style generators. We can also go over how a whole-house (standby) generator operates and get it wired in properly so that it comes on automatically during any power outage. Which way to go depends on your specific power expectations and how you plan to power the generator.

When you consider the hazards involved with unsafe electricity handling, it makes sense to call in a professional when needing backup generator hookups. Let us handle it for you so that you do not put yourself, your family, or the power company workers in jeopardy. Call today to learn more.

At Maguire Electric, we install backup generator hookups in Wilmington, Kings Grant, Myrtle Grove, Bayshore, and Carolina Beach, North Carolina.