Whole-House Generator, Wilmington, NC

Protect yourself from the concerns of a prolonged power outage with a whole-house generator.

Here in Wilmington, North Carolina, we have seen a number of hurricanes over the years. The climate and location contribute to the weather patterns, and even a small hurricane can cause heavy winds and rainfall that knock out the power, leaving residents without the ability to plug in or charge their devices or even turn on their light fixtures. While a short power outage is an annoyance, an outage that lasts for more than an hour or so can quickly become a troubling situation.

Whole-House Generator in Wilmington, North Carolina

One way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the concerns of a prolonged power outage is to have a whole-house generator installed on your property. Our team at Maguire Electric can provide the installation service, and we have access to high-quality generators from leading brands in the industry. Also known as a standby generator, a whole-house generator is designed to provide power to all the rooms of your home following an outage. When power is restored, your generator can automatically shut off, so you don’t have to worry about wasting fuel.

A whole-house generator can range up to 45,000 watts in size and will usually rely on natural gas or propane to work. Load management technology that is currently in use has allowed for the expansion of whole-house generators, and these units can back up more circuits than ever before. Don’t let a power outage in Wilmington impact your safety, comfort, or convenience – invest in a whole-house generator and know that your home is always protected.

At Maguire Electric, we install whole-house generators in Wilmington, Kings Grant, Myrtle Grove, Bayshore, and Carolina Beach, North Carolina.